The double negative as in i didn’t do nothing

In the Grammar, you must follow some rules and regulation what you cannot ignore. If you use wrong grammatical rules in writing or speaking in English, then you will get meaning less sentence what will be difficult to understand. Suppose, in English Grammar you cannot use double negetive. If you use double negative in the sentence, then it is called redundant mistake. Now question is a “What is a double negative?” When you two or more negative words are used in one sentence, then the sentence is called Double Negative. The example of the double negative is “he does not do nothing” or “It won’t do you no good”. The double negative is a serious mistake what you should cure and if you do not solve this problem, you cannot write correct sentence according to English Grammar.
There are some negative sentences and meaningful what will help you to understand negative sentences and double negative sentences. Examples of negative sentences are “Nobody would tell her the truth”, “Neither of them spoke Japanese.”. There are some words what are negatives already like hardly, scarcely etc. When you use another negative word, then it will be double negative like the series has no hardly impact. But correct sentence is the series has no impact or the series has hardly impact.