Ms, miss or mrs

Many people are confused of the words Ms., Miss or Mrs. Meaning and uses of these words are also different and this article will make these words clear for understanding. The word Ms. Is used for unknown person and of course the person is a girl. When you wish a women or girl but you do not know her name, then you can use “Ms.”. Now you can ask her names and use her name instead of using the word “Ms.”. The word “Mrs.” is used for married women. Suppose, Mrs. Kaite or Mrs. Jully. When you use Mrs. With anyone’s name, then it is indicating that she is married. The word “Miss” is for unmarried women. Suppose, Miss. Rubby or Mrs. Kate. However, you can use Miss. For calling your little daughter.
I am sure you have understood well of using Ms., Miss or Mrs. You use the word properly in the email or letter. If you do not know the person is women or not or the person is boss of the office, then you can use “Sir” instead of the Ms., Miss or Mrs. The word “Sir” is only used for the formal purpose. Otherwise, you may use Ms. as common indication.

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