Has been or have been

The words “Has been” or “Have been” are not similar thing but they have some common thing and meaning. The words “Has been” or “Have been” are used in the present perfect continuous tense. When you are thinking to form present perfect continuous tense, then you need to use any of the word “Has been” or “Have been”. You will use Has or Have based on the subject. Suppose, I have been going home or You have been going to school. The word “have” will be used with I, you, they etc. The words “Has been” or “Have been”; will be used according to the first person and second person. When you will use he/she, then you will use has and the sentence will be “He has been running” or “She has been doing this”. The present perfect continuous tense forms with time that is why it maybe “He has been running for 3 hours” or “You have been playing since morning”.
If you want to know well of “Has been” or “Have been”, then you should study tense. For the past perfect continuous tense, you will use “had been”. I am sure that if you study well of tense, then you will solve the problem quick.

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