Between you and me or between you and i

There are some words or sentence look correct but these are not or one may be a correct form. We need to study more and more about those words are sentences as if we can solve all the problems. Both the sentences “Between you and me” or “Between you and I” are not correct. From these sentences, one sentence is correct. However here we will know the correct form of the sentence and we will learn why the sentence is correct. Many people think that the sentence “Between you and I” is correct but it is not. Those people think that the sentence is correct, they think that they have used subjective form here. However, the correct sentence is “Between you and me” and it is necessary to know some explanation.
The word “Between” is a preposition but some people think it as conjunction but it is a false idea and when the word “Between” is positioned next to personal pronoun, it becomes the objective case or form of the pronoun that should be used and not the subjective or nominative case or form. That is why, the word “me” is correct form after the word “Between”. Do not use word I instead of the word “me”. That is why, the correct sentences are Put the screen between they and us, Between You and I or Pull up the chair between Helen and me. The incorrect sentences are Put the screen between they and we, Between You and I or Pull up the chair between Helen and I.
Remember, my friend and I went home, In this sentence “my friend and I” are subject and these subjects have verb but in the sentence “Tom sat between my friend and me”. In this sentence tom is subject but my friend and me are objective form.

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